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Home Visits

Occasionally people are simply unable to attend remote clinic locations. Many of our elderly patients have found this service invaluable because some have difficulty with mobility. Whilst others may feel more comfortable in their own surroundings, as sometimes a clinical environment can be a little daunting. People with young families or demanding careers may also not be able to seek the help that they need. Our home visit service addresses each of these problems. So, why not sit back, relax and let us travel to you. 

Benefits of a home visit include:

  • Instant pain relief helping you continue with day to day activities

  • Treatment in the comfort of your own home   

  • No venturing out in bad weather

  • No travelling or searching for parking spaces

  • Visits arranged at your convenience 

  • Friend or family member may be present if preferred

  • No waiting in a room full of strangers


All the equipment used for our home visits is kept to the same highest standards of cleanliness that you would expect from our clinical setting. This equipment includes:

  • Comfortable anti gravity recliner

  • Fully adjustable treatment couch (if required)

  • Clean single use disposable couch paper roll

  • Pillows with clean single use cases

  • Clean single use towels

  • Anti bacterial hand wash

  • Pre packed, sterile single use acupuncture needles

  • Container for used acupuncture needles

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